Friday Favorites #3

Happy Friday! This week has flown by for me! I felt like Monday started out slow, but then things quickly sped up. Here are some of my favorites from this week!

Baby Shower

On Saturday afternoon I attended a baby shower for one of my longtime friends Annette! We’ve been besties since middle school (and I’ve known her husband since elementary school!). I can’t believe by the end of August she’ll have a little baby boy!

And check out the cake!!

Sweet Tuna

Just because it’s called “Sweet Tuna” doesn’t mean it’s all fish…because I hate fish! Sweet Tuna is a new restaurant that serves poke, but they also have chicken and beef as well. I met up with my little bro Max on Monday to get some lunch there. I love it because everything is so clean and you don’t feel gross after eating it. I’m always down for that!

Straight Hair

Thursday I had a treatment called the “great hair” treatment. It’s comparable to keratin but doesn’t have any chemicals in it. It’s not permanently straight, she just uses heat to seal in the treatment. I feel so weird with straight hair, I can’t believe I used to straighten my hair every single day in high school!!


I bought 2 of these nuun tubes from REI this week. I’ve been able to tell with working out in all the humidity I’m super thirsty and have had some headaches. I bought one with electrolytes, and another that also has caffeine. I haven’t had the caffeine one yet, but I can say that this watermelon one is really good!


Favorite Travel Apps

Yesterday’s blog post was all about my favorite travel apps. I worked super hard on this one because I wanted to make sure I listed all the ones I love and actually use. Check the post out here and let me know which apps you like to use when traveling as well!

Favorite Travel Apps

I hope you all have a great weekend! Let me know what have been your favorite things from this week! See ya on the gram!!

Friday Favorites #2

Happy Friday!! Today’s Friday Favorites is a bit different¬†because yesterday marked 6 months into my 30 Before 30 challenge! Here’s an update on how it’s going!

1. Go back to Europe
Still no plans yet. We’re just now making summer travel plans and I don’t think a proper Europe trip would fit into our schedules right now. Maybe for Thanksgiving??

2. Get another tattoo!
I haven’t decided yet, do people ever really decide?

3. Go camping somewhere with some awesome views
This is part of our summer trip plans! I’ll share more later! ūüôā

4. Fully understand my 401k, stocks, and all that stuff they don’t teach you in school
There are actually a few classes I can take about 401k’s at work, which I did take. So I kind of understand it a bit better, but definitely not at 100% yet. As for stocks, I’ve been using Robinhood and have bought, sold and have my eye on some stocks. I definitely haven’t made any money yet.

5. Get a 6-Pack (of abs!!)
I’m trying my best. Not there yet.

6. Visit Red Hare Brewing
This summer I will finally go! I love their new Tangerine 50/50!

7. Spend a weekend in Asheville, NC
We just bought tickets to see the Milk Carton Kids in October there! We’re super excited!

8. Get our home office furnished & cozy
Still nothing in there, but we hang out in there a lot and have a sweet setup of blankets and pillows on the floor. So that’s pretty cozy to start with…

9. Make our backyard look super awesome
Thanks to our fire pit, we’re able to burn more yard trash and get the yard looking nice and clean. Next up we want to add a fence!

10. Pay off all our credit cards
I did this…and then have gotten 2 more credit cards…I’m writing a post about this, so there’s more to come!

11. Visit Golda Kombucha once they open in Atlanta
They just opened a couple of weeks ago, so a friend from the gym and I are planning on hitting it up soon!

12. Have tea at Just Add Honey Tea Company 

13. Get cookies at Luna’s Cookie Studio

lunas cookie studio

14. Go on or at least plan for another cruise
Still trying to figure when we’ll do this, but I feel like it may be Alaska!

15. Compete in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament
I’m either doing one at the end of June or one in August!

16. Get better at filming GoPro videos and editing
I’m trying! I just need to find more time to dedicate to this.

17. Take this blog seriously
Yeah…about that. I am, I just need to really show it!

18. Visit some more states I’ve never been to
Not sure when or where, but hopefully that will happen!

19. Post more videos on YouTube (either GoPro videos or vlog-style)
Working on it! I’ll definitely be doing video of our trip this summer!

20. Move to a different project at work (I’ve been on the same one for 3 years)
It’s happening!! In July I will move to a new team and project!

21. Be more consistent with my stand-up comedy
I’m starting to write new material!

22. Visit more tea rooms in Atlanta
I’ve been back to ZenTea, but I have ones I haven’t been to on the list!

23. Be better at drinking water (I feel like I barely have any water!)
Slow….I get into random weeks where I’m all about water, and others where I don’t really want it.

24. Try more breweries in Atlanta
All the breweries!

25. Try different types of food

26. Visit Monday Night Brewing
Not yet..

27. Take an improv class
Hopefully this fall there will be a session on the weekend I can take…so far all the intro ones are on weeknights…which definitely don’t work for me!

28. Update my wardrobe
Slowly, I am getting better clothes, and have been getting rid of clothes I haven’t worn in over a year.

29. Learn how to take and edit phone photos like a boss
Working on it! I’ve been watching a lot of videos, and using more apps to play around with different ways to edit!

30. Figure out what I’m good at

So now I’ve got 10/30 things crossed off of my list! Not exactly halfway the list at the halfway point, but better than nothing! I’ll be posting more about each one I’ve crossed off, and of course about our awesome trip coming up.

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friday favorites

Friday Favorites #1

Happy Friday! I’ve decided to start doing a “Friday Favorites” post every Friday! I figured not only would it help me stay accountable for posting, but also keep track of all the things I love! So welcome to Friday Favorites #1!

First things first…

My new car!!!

hyundai ioniq hybrid

Last Friday I traded in my Kia Soul EV for a Hyundai Ioniq¬†Hybrid! The past few months I have been doing tons of research trying to figure out what my next car would be. My lease¬†on the Soul EV was up in June, and I knew I didn’t want to buy it (not to mention I was over my miles and the battery wasn’t as good as it used to be). I knew I wanted a hybrid, but there are so many now, all with different features and of course, at different price points.

I¬†finally settled on the Ioniq and found a great deal on the Edmunds app on my (brand new) 2017 Ioniq. After a lot of discussions, I also decided to finance the car instead of leasing again. What ultimately sold me on financing was when I calculated how much I have to pay Kia for going over my miles…ouch!! But I’ll worry about that later because this is definitely¬†my favorite thing this past week!

Banana Bread

I tried a new banana bread recipe this week and love it! I did modify it by halving it since I only had 2 bananas, didn’t use walnuts, and also used gluten-free flour. This recipe is vegan, low-fodmap, gluten-free, and dairy-free so Shaun and I can eat it as well as anyone else (pretty much). I used my¬†small rectangular silicone baking mold to get them so cute and tiny. If you haven’t been using silicone to bake with, you’re missing out. They’re my¬†favorite thing to bake with now!

banana bread

No Rain

It’s been raining for at least 2 weeks now, and I’m about over it. So anytime it’s not raining is pretty great. I’m super tired of the humidity, and the water that’s been slowly leaking into our garage. I can’t wait to finally enjoy the warm weather without everything being wet!

rainy day
rain in the distance ūüôĀ

A short list for a short week, but I’ll be back next week, so be sure to follow me on Instagram or sign up for my emails so you don’t miss it!

friday favorites

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