Checking In: February

Long time no blog…so I wanted to check in and let you know what I’ve been up to. Things have been super busy lately. In addition to normal life and planning how I’ll be checking things off of my 30 before 30 list, I’ve done a bit of traveling!  Last month I went to San Francisco, and 2 weeks ago I went to Tampa (thank you sales on Southwest flights). I will have some related blog posts coming up, so stay tuned for those, but here’s a quick recap of this year so far:

It snowed in Atlanta…again

snow dogs

I thought I’d find warmer weather in California….it was actually a little colder than home. WHAT?!

golden gate bridge

Saw some sweet sunrises at work:


Then I finally got to enjoy some warmer weather in Florida

florida coffe

Last weekend, I went to Galentine’s Day at Wild Heaven

galentine's day

Of course, there’s been more in between, but I felt like a quick post is better than no post!

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