30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

Today is my birthday! I’m 29. TWENTY-NINE! How does this happen? It feels like I just turned 25, and everyone thinks I’m still 12. What a fun time!
29 begins the dreaded countdown to 30. I have 365 days until 30. That is absolutely insane. BUT ANYWAYS, I’m 29 and feeling fine. (I’ve been waiting to say that!).
I thought it’d be fun (and very Pinteresty of me) to create a 30 before 30 list of things to accomplish during the next year. I’ve been wanting to start this blog, so I figured it will help keep me accountable and get into blogging. I’ll also try to film as much as I can as well since I’ve been having fun with filming and editing videos lately.

30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

1. Go back to Europe (and climb Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh)

2. Get another tattoo!

3. Go camping somewhere with some awesome views

4. Fully understand my 401k, stocks, and all that stuff they don’t teach you in school

5. Get a 6-Pack (of abs!!)

6. Visit Red Hare Brewing

7. Spend a weekend in Asheville, NC

8. Get our home office furnished & cozy

9. Make our backyard look super awesome

10. Pay off all our credit cards (thanks to moving, breaking a lease, and life (I like to keep that 0 balance))

11. Visit Golda Kombucha once they open in Atlanta

12. Have tea at Just Add Honey Tea Company

13. Get cookies at Luna’s Cookie Studio

14. Go on or at least plan for another cruise

15. Compete in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament

16. Get better at filming GoPro videos and editing

17. Take this blog seriously

18. Visit some more states I’ve never been to

19. Post more videos on YouTube (either GoPro videos or vlog-style)

20. Move to a different project at work (I’ve been on the same one for 3 years)

21. Be more consistent with my stand-up comedy

22. Visit more tea rooms in Atlanta

23. Be better at drinking water (I feel like I barely have any water!)

24. Try more breweries in Atlanta

25. Try different types of food (we live in an area where we could try tons of foods from different countries)

26. Visit Monday Night Brewing

27. Take an improv class

28. Update my wardrobe (I feel like I only like a few things, and don’t wear anything else)

29. Learn how to take and edit phone photos like a boss

30. Figure out what I’m good at

After all of this is done and, to celebrate my 30th birthday, I want to have a sleepover with a sloth in Oregon. I’ve been looking forward to that since I discovered it was possible (while Insta-stalking people who have done this and I might have cried a little).

**Once I created this list I realized it’s not all “jumping out of airplanes” and “bungee jump” type stuff, but it’s realistic stuff I want to do within the next year, and I believe I can do! So follow along if you’re interested. I’ll be using the hashtag #klgh30before30, and posting videos on YouTube!

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